How to Fix the Most Common LSPDFR Crashes

How to Fix the Most Common LSPDFR Crashes

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Please note, we are not members of the LSPDFR/LCPDFR team, and only offer these suggestions based on our own experience…


Remember to make a backup before trying any of the below suggestions!  We are not responsible for any problems or corrupted files, if you use any or all of these suggestions.



We suggest editing your ‘lspdfr.ini’ file, and using the following configurations:


Main.PreloadAllModels = false
Callouts.Multiplier = 200
WorldEvents.IntervalMultiplier = 1.0f
WorldEvents.MaxNumberOfEvents = 1
Chase.CopsCanCommandeerVehicles = true
Chase.DisableCameraFocus = true
AmbientSpawn.SpawnFrequency = 8000
AmbientSpawn.MaxCopsInArea = 4
Chase.MaxUnits = 8
Chase.MaxUnitsPerSuspect = 5



We suggest you allow an exception for LSPDFR, RagePluginHook and GTA V, or if you don’t know how to do that, disable your anti-virus when you play the game and re-enable it afterward.  (Also, remember to disable your anti-virus before installing LSPDFR and RagePluginHook.)



Edit your RagePluginHook settings to the following:


In General Settings:

Plugin Timeout Threshold – 50,000

Disable Permanent Version Text Rendering ✓ (make sure this is checked)


In Game Settings, Command Line Switches:

Force Windowed Mode ✓ (make sure this is checked)



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