Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO) OIV Pack 1

Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO) OIV Pack 1 1

Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO) OIV Pack 1

This is the complete OIV (auto-installer) pack for Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO.) It provides all the vehicle files, liveries and some other useful files, in a complete easy to use OIV package.  We've also included some optional Jurisdictions+ data files.  We also have other liveries, packs, and downloads available in our Downloads Section; and we will be adding more soon!

Worth noting! We don't just use the default meta, audio, handling, or ELS (vcf) files - we actually spend a lot of time making them handle, sound and look as unique as possible.  So for example, our Taurus' will sound and behave meaner than most!

It includes the following vehicles:

  • 2011 CVPI - t0y
  • 2011 CVPI Slicktop - t0y
  • 2013 Tahoe - t0y
  • 2013 Tahoe K9 Unit - t0y
  • 2014 Charger - t0y
  • 2016 Explorer FPIU - Terry Sloman
  • 2018 Charger - Terry Sloman
  • 2016 Taurus FPIS - t0y

Detailed instructions are included with the download.
You can contact us on our Discord or the Support Page for help or more information.

Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO) OIV Pack 1
  • 1.0 Version
  • 81 Download
  • 378.5 MB File Size
  • 1 File Count
  • August 31, 2019 Create Date
  • September 3, 2019 Last Updated

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